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Athlete Testimonials

NIcole Jensen,

University of Georgia Feature Twirler

2014 College Miss Majorette of America

I am a University of Georgia Feature Twirler, a former cross country runner, and a busy college student. I have been using Spark for 7 years and it is always my go-to drink whenever I need a little extra energy. I love the way it tastes and the variety of flavors available. It gives me an alertness and pep in my step without jitters or a crash. Spark has increased my athlete performance on many occasions and I recommend Spark for any athlete or any busy scheduled person.

Alyssa Gates,

2013 Beginner Miss Majorette of Mississippi

I am the 2013 Beginner Miss Majorette of Mississippi pageant winner.  I was twirling for about three years before I met the coaches with Spark My Twirling.  In less than one year working with them and using the Spark energy drink, I have won more competitive titles than I did for the entire time before I met them.  Because of the mental focus and energy I get with Spark combined with a rigorous practice schedule, I'm looking forward to earning my first regional and national title.  I recommend Spark for any student-athlete because it works, and it tastes great!

Laura Kirkman,

University of Southern Mississippi Feature Twirler

As the feature twirler for my university, I'm always on the go!  Between juggling my class schedule, a demanding performance schedule, and a rigorous training regimen, I need as much energy as I can get.  Pink Lemonade Spark is the drink of choice for me!  It's full of B vitamins, which means it's healthy, and I don't get jittery or crash like I would with other products that are out there.  I plan to continue as the feature for my school until I graduate; Spark will be with me every step of the way.  Go Eagles!

Sports Nutrition Information and services

Strength and endurance athletes, regardless of age, have different nutritional needs than typical weekend warriors.  Yet, often our student-athletes may go through multiple seasons, if not years, of training before ever receiving any substantial information regarding sports nutrition and supplementation. 

While many coaches spend the majority of their time working on the techniques of the game and a few devote time to the mental aspects of athletic performance, there are precious few that attempt to combine nutrition, supplementation, and applied sports psychology to the holistic development of the youth athlete -- this is where Spark My Performance can help!

Sports Nutrition Workshops

We can do workshops both live and remotely to assist you with introducing and developing sports nutrition education for your athletes.  Depending on the physical activity involved, the nutritional needs may vary.  Therefore, we'll need to talk with you regarding general aspects of your sport as well as those features that make the skills in your sport unique.  If you're a coach or parent seeking assistance for a single athlete, we're happy to help you with developing a nutritional program (including recommended eating and educational plans) for your specific athlete.

Sports Nutrition Supplementation Services

What we offer is a comprehensive sports nutrition supplementation program powered by AdvoCare.  Hundreds of athletes and world champions are fueled by AdvoCare products.  Whether it's a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, safe and effective products are of the utmost importance to AdvoCare.

At Spark My Performance, we  use only AdvoCare products because they are certified by INFORMED-CHOICE to be free of banned-substances.  That's important because the worst thing to happen to an athlete is to be disqualified for unknowingly using a performance improvement product that has a banned substance.  Because INFORMED-CHOICE tests for the the more than 200 substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, Spark My Performance is confident that the nutrition supplementation services we provide are of the highest quality.

Applied Sports Psychology

How we help is by providing group and/or individual support to determine your mental performance challenges.  We tailor a mental training program for your specific needs.


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